Hey there my name is Gwyn, AKA Pirate Girl. I have been a girl and Artist for 53 years, an official Pirate Girl for 2+  years, and a Cancer Survivor since December of 2011.

Being an Artist is a birthright in my family. Pirate Girl and Cancer Survivor are choices. Well, actually they chose me but how I choose to wear these titles is choice. Let me explain.

Anyone that is alive knows that pirates have become extremely popular since Johnny Depp made his first appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow in 2003. While I am not the No.1 fan of the Pirates series I am rather partial to piratey things a la Depp and some how ended up with a Pirate Girl bumper Sticker, and pirate bobble head on my car. When I officially became a pirate girl it was the summer of 2009.

I drive to Massachusetts several times a year to visit family. I find Connecticut to be the bane of this road trip. Whether traveling South to North or West to East there is always some major delay. While driving through said nemesis that summer, I found myself in a particular hurry to get out of the state. 15 miles…I gunned it. I have to tell you this is not like me, and I have never before had a speeding ticket. None the less Mr. State Trooper pulled me over. He was young, maybe 30ish and very handsome. At my age flirting was the last method of weaseling out of this I thought could work, and bursting into tears is not in my repertoire, so I decided to go with wit. After the initial banter and taking my papers, he returned with good news. A big favor he did me. Why? I am a pirate girl! It says so right on my bumper.

I told this tale to all my friends with far more drama ( I can be pretty funny in real life) and apparently, I made an impression because I get pirate girl gifties to this day. When I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer for Christmas this year, I decided that it would take all of my Pirate Girl spirit and then some to be a survivor. As long as I am alive I am a survivor, and so far I feel fine!

I am not sure what being a Pirate Girl means to the friends that call me one, but to me it means someone that makes their own way in the world. A person that breaks the molds and the rules with respect, and navigates trouble with wit and optimism. A Pirate Girl leads with fearless compassion, and creates with relentless optimism.  A Pirate Girl lives by the mantra ART.HOPE.TRUTH. Art as a way of knowing. Hope as a way of seeing. Truth as a way of being.

My cancer diagnosis is one of the worst Christmas presents I can imagine, but I am not letting it get me down. I started this blog as soon as I knew to document my journey, and keep my world posted. I imagine great things may come of the worst thing I’ve had to deal with in this life. Come along for the ride!

From the Heart,

PS: I have been writing a blog actively for about a year at Gwyn Michael Studios where I have been seeking my place in the online world of artists, entrepreneurs and bloggers. I will continue writing art related posts there.